Drop Zone Event x3
July 17, 2021

Troop greetings!

Saturday again class, and the weekend here at Royale does not go unnoticed!

Today, 17/07, we will have the mega event (Drop Zone x3). And what will happen?

- All Drop Zones will drop Event - Glittering Medal tripled.
- The Elroki mob will drop the tripled Blue Crystal Fragment.
- The Dailaon mob will drop the Blessed Liquid tripled.
- The (Drop Zone Event) will have the Gold Fragment Drop tripled.
- The (Spoil Event) will have the Drop of Blessed Liquid and Blue Crystal Fragment tripled.
- The (Invaders Event) will also be tripled.

# Call the complaining friend that Saturday is just the way he likes it, papaya with sugar

# TMJ troop! Together we will create the best community in the world! Big hug!

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