Joining Worlds Completed!
September 11, 2021

Joining worlds successfully completed!

You will need to download a new patch to connect to the server.

- Download our new Patch 15.0

# Important Notes #

- Complete protection against bots has been added. If someone finds a way to use such programs, it will take an eternal ban on our server;

- Added an AUTOFARM from the server itself;

- A new complete interface of the server itself was added, we will post a video explaining all its details today here on the page;

- All players who came from the Realm world and who already had a nickname in the Main world got a * suffix in their name. In addition, they also received 1 Juction Coin, which allows you to change your nick for free, if you wish.


We are working hard day and night! Soon we will have a complete overhaul in L2 Royale, in which few details will be changed, but the complete dynamics of the game. The focus of the changes will be on the experience that the game can provide, thus solving all the problems that can make the game monotonous. This update is the reason for the slowdown in the improvements we always make, as they are complex and detailed adjustments. What I can tell you is that every minute you've ever spent here at L2Royale will be well worth it!

# Troop, any suggestion or complaint just get in touch with us here on facebook or our email. Together we will create the best community in the world! Big hug!

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