Drop Zone x3 Event Turbinado
April 24, 2021

Troop greetings!
Sabadou class again, and the weekend here at the L2 Royale does not go blank!

Enjoy the Drop Zone x3 event? What about the turbocharged weekend event? Have you ever imagined the 2 together? Enough to imagine, tomorrow it will become reality!

Sunday, April 25th, we will have the Drop Zone x3 and Turbinado Weekend mega events together! And what's going to happen?

- Log in on April 11th and get 72 hours of VIP!
- And I am already a VIP? Log in on the day of the event and win 2 Golden Scroll Enchant Weapon or 5 Golden Scroll Enchant Armor. You who will choose!
- All Drop Zones will drop Event - Glittering Medal tripled.
- Mob Elroki will drop the triple Blue Crystal Fragment.
- The Dailaon mob will drop the triple Blessed Liquid.
- The (Drop Zone Event) will have the Gold Fragment Drop tripled.
- The (Spoil Event) will have the Drop of Blessed Liquid and Blue Crystal Fragment tripled.
- The (Invaders Event) will also be tripled.

# Invite at least 5 complaining friends that Sunday is the way they like it, papaya with sugar

# TMJ troop! Together we will create the best community in this world! Big hug!

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