New world in the L2 Royale
May 01, 2021


Greetings guys! The L2 Royale arose out of the great passion of our team for this game! For those who don't remember, this was our initial proposal:

In this journey, we can create an incredible community and our best level to fulfill each promised point.

Now, I intend to do even better: take our server to a level that has never been seen by the community!

As one of the forms of innovation, we will also seek to focus on an audience that has never played for lack of tutorials, as we are all aware that this is a relatively complex game and that it still lacks content in Portuguese.

Our vision will also be focused on those who did not enter due to the receipt of not being able to reach the other players, since we are already with the server for 6 months online.

In view of all that has been mentioned, it is with great pleasure that I announce that we will have a new world in the L2 Royale!

- But will the current server close? Of course not! Both will go online and, when you log in, you will have an option to select the world you want to play in.

- What will happen when the new world is level with the current world? The two worlds will be united and you will not lose anything that has already been done!

- Does the new world have the same configuration as the current one? In parts, yes, but with some updates and optimizations that will also be made in the current world. An example of this will be the addition of physical protection in which we will have extreme control over the use of BOTS, as this was a major problem faced in the current world, in addition to other small changes focused in particular.

- Will all items be released from the beginning? No, the evolutions will be released gradually, based on the evolution of the players.

- Will the current world continue to be updated? Yes, constantly! We are increasing our team to gain even more agility and quality in updates.

- When will the new world debut? It will take place on the 1st of May at 15:00 hours.

If there is any other question regarding the new world, feel free to contact us through the Facebook page or E-Mail. Soon we will bring more information!

# TMJ troop! Together we will create the best community in this world! Big hug!

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